Local, service-minded waste oil collection.
No work. No maintenance. No contracts.
You get paid the day of collection.

The Greenbox Understands

Founded in 1987, we can say with confidence we UNDERSTAND our customers and their needs.

We understand

that you value cleanliness, efficiency, and promptness. The Greenbox is careful, thorough, and out of sight/out of mind.

We understand

that you don’t want contracts and longterm commitments. The Greenbox is driven every day to provide excellent service with no contracts.

We understand

that you have bigger “fish to fry.” The Greenbox personnel handle your requests right away so you can do what you do best.

And We understand

that our customers come in all shapes and sizes. The Greenbox serves everyone, from large, multisite restaurants to smaller, self-contained or family-owned convenience stores. We tailor our collection options and provide your establishment with a container sized appropriately to your individual needs. We stock 55 gal to 290 gal containers, but if your available area is limited or unique we can custom build your containers.

Let’s Get Started!

Keith Sample
(210) 685-4386

Technical Support
Greg Taylor
(800) 747-3140

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