Communications Services Small Businesses Need

Communications Services Small Businesses Need

Rosebud Telephone and Wireless Solutions (RTWS) is a full-service digital telephone company supporting small business. RTWS is in the business of providing the following services:

Internet Backup

Small businesses can’t afford to lose their ability to transact credit/debit card sales or perform other Internet-based services when the Internet goes down. RTWS provides an inexpensive and automatic answer to this crisis.

When your Internet goes down, a cellular-based Internet device our technicians program and install takes over automatically—usually in under two minutes. And RTWS automatically returns service to your primary Internet when it returns

RTWS saves sales and keeps customers happy!


RTWS offers digital services for both voice and data transmission. In most cases we can port existing telephone numbers so you don’t lose your identity.


Rosebud Telephone dba RTWS is a licensed CLEC throughout Texas and in much of the US. We offer copper line telephone service in the four major ILEC jurisdictions in Texas.

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